Unite and antites sign a strategic agreement to provide a fully automated robot as a service model (uRaaS)

As experts in digital transformation and automation, antites and Unite will work together to provide a complete service of monitoring, operation, support and service level management for Robotics as a Service. 

uRaaS is a robot platform that can be used without the need to invest in licenses and, infrastructure costs and without a no commitment to licensing and Infrastructure. A pay-as-you-go model, which includes The Level 1 robot operation and incident management services provided by our ROC (Robotic Operation Center). We provide unlimited use of robots that can be scaled based on the need of your transaction volume and defined service level agreement. 

From Marcos Navarro, Managing Partner of antites «This agreement allows us to optimize the capacity of the robots as the business demands it. They combine the best RPA tools to meet service levels in addition to operating, monitoring and managing processes 24/7».  

uRaaS provides access to the latest technological tools for managing and reporting. This allows customers to monitor and manage the acquired value of RPA and optimize performance. 
uRaaS pricing is based on minutes of work in production regardless of the number of processes. The RPA support team handles all processes and ensures that all processes work in the expected SLA.  

From  Malkoç Sualp CEO of Unite,  Our Robot’s as a Service platform provides automation with significant advantages. Enabling organisations to reap the benefits of transformative technologies such as RPA, Document Understanding, Digital Assistants and more with no investment or commitment in licenses, infrastructure or Centers of Excellence. We provide total SLA management so organisations can be sure that automation will scale much faster and achieve significant IRR and ROI which would be impossible with traditional license models.  

About Unite  

Unite is the largest Digital Workforce Service Company in Turkey with customers across the world. Founded in 1998 and a pioneer in RPA as a service since 2014, Unite Digital Workforce As A Service platform is the only true As A Service automation service. With over 40 global companies and growing, from Turkish Telecom to Ford and 150 employees, Unite is dedicated to being the leading edge As A Service Digital Workforce Service Company  

About antites

antites is a business consulting and IT advisory company specialized in the optimization and automation of business processes.  Our goal is to establish relationships of trust with our customers, helping them to make them more competitive and efficient in costs, applying improvements in their processes and getting the most out of technology. Since 2015 we have helped our customers evolve their operating models by employing Intelligent Automation. 

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